Gwadar is the next big thing on the development map of Pakistan and the whole of Asia. Likewise, Real Estate in Gwadar is a huge reservoir of opportunities for investors. Owing to their direct or indirect interest, businesses and investors across the globe are keenly observing Gwadar’s progress. True to its name, the city exemplifies a growth story while shaping as the gateway to economic progress.

Gwadar’s present and future are being rewritten by the dedication of the Pakistan Government and the infusion of Chinese capital. However, it is more than an infrastructural and economic miracle unfolding steadily. It also exhibits a confluence of cultures besides being a region of immense natural beauty. The Balochistan government is keenly pursuing several projects to transform Gwadar into a tourism hotbed. Due to its past, upcoming state-of-the-art infrastructure, and multi-faceted economic importance, comparisons are already rife with Dubai and Shenzhen.

Gwadar is unfolding as a model of urbanisation and the real estate boom.

The Promising Future of Gwadar

Gwadar’s future is closely knit with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This $ 62 billion project is making Gwadar the focal point of development in the region. Gwadar’s transformation into a global hub of trade and business is crucial for the very success of the CPEC.

CPEC and Pakistan

The CPEC constitutes infrastructural development in energy plants, economic zones, ports, and transportation networks. However, CPEC is significant because these infrastructural projects are a crucial element in China’s global ambitions. The CPEC is a vital component of the massive One Belt, One Road initiative of China.

These new infrastructural projects are bringing the latest technology into Pakistan. They will boost trade, business, urbanisation in Pakistan by improving connectivity and satisfying energy demands. Besides domestic growth, the CPEC will also reposition Pakistan as a significant economic player globally. It will reduce time and transportation expenses for trade between West Asia, Central Asia, China, Pakistan, and Africa.

CPEC and Gwadar

Here’s what CPEC has in store for Gwadar.

  • Gwadar Port – Projected Cargo Capacity of 400 million tonnes per year
  • Gwadar Port Ancillary Projects
    • 19 km East Bay Expressway – Connecting Gwadar Port to Makran Coastal Highway
    • Desalination Plant
    • Floating Natural Gas Terminal
    • Gwadar Port Special Economic Zone
  • Gwadar International Airport
  • Gwadar Smart Port City
  • Gwadar Free Zone – Offering Tax Exemptions for 23 years.
  • Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park
  • Gwadar – Nawabshah section of the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline
  • 1,100 km long Motorway – Connecting Gwadar, Lahore and Karachi
  • Pak-China Friendship Hospital
  • Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute

Gwadar – A World of Possibilities

Undoubtedly, the Chinese Projects and Pakistan government’s initiative is transforming a dull and dusty town. Gwadar is set to become a future Global Trading hub and a bustling city. However, Gwadar’s potential goes far beyond CPEC. Having attracted global attention, companies and investors from across the world are prioritising investments in Gwadar. Many other infrastructural and real estate projects are commencing soon. Investors, governments, and companies from UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, amongst others, are taking a keen interest in this model city of the future.

Real Estate in Gwadar

Gwadar is witnessing a real estate boom that is nothing short of a miracle. Thanks to its strategic location, China’s infusion of capital, and the vision of the governments of Pakistan and Baluchistan. Over the past five years, most properties have seen a three-fold increase in their values. There’s little doubt that Gwadar’s Real Estate values will rise at similar rates during the decade. Especially as more and more projects are nearing completion and set to start operations. There is no doubt that Gwadar’s Real Estate is the most attractive investment opportunity for Pakistanis across the globe.

Why Invest in Real Estate in Gwadar?

There’s no doubt that property prices in Gwadar will rise at stupendous rates. But what makes Gwadar an enticing investment avenue for both short- and long-term investments?

Here are the benefits of investing in Real Estate in Gwadar.

  • Special attention to Gwadar’s development by the Pakistan government
  • Strategic location on a crucial sea route for international trade
  • $ 10 billion worth of annual economic activity soon
  • Global Infrastructure standards
  • Urban Design and Planning matching Global Standards
  • No population pressures
  • Natural beauty
  • Excellent connectivity by Road, Rail, Air and Sea
  • Environmentally Sustainable Development Initiatives
  • Major Employment Hub
  • Companies across the Globe vying for land in Gwadar
  • Support of the world’s prominent oil, manufacturing, and commerce-based economies.
  • Emerging Tourist destination.

Residential Real Estate in Gwadar

The future of an emerging global city depends on the skilled workforce it can attract. The governments and development authorities are doing everything to make Gwadar attractive to qualified professionals. This is the foundation of Residential Real Estate in the region.

Gwadar’s map is already dotted with numerous plans for hospitals, schools, higher education institutes, and shopping malls.

Gwadar Development Authority has already given licenses to over 50 housing schemes. Many residential estates and Smart City projects are selling furnished apartments with world-class amenities. Besides, Gwadar is also emerging as a centre for Luxury Housing.

However, there is no dearth of raw land available at affordable prices. The competition is low, and the authorities are ensuring smooth sale processes and transparency. Gwadar’s land plots are attracting investors across the globe. Going by the current trends, their value will continue to multiply during the decade. A remarkable benefit of investing in Gwadar’s plots is that owners do not have to pay any development charges.

Gwadar’s Residential Real Estate sector is a success story in the making. You can be a part of it too! Gateway Investments can help you find Residential Real Estate deals for the following:

  • Raw Land Plots
  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Villas
  • Farm Houses

Commercial Real Estate in Gwadar

Gwadar is on its way to becoming one of Asia’s most significant commercial and financial hubs. Its significance and growth potential can be assessed from the following facts.

  • Gwadar Free Zone is offering massive tax exemptions for commercial activities for 23 years. Besides, several Special Economic Zones are under construction in Gwadar.
  • Once fully functional, the CPEC with Gwadar as its pivot will reduce transit times by up to 4 times. Cargo’s that require 45 days of transportation between China and West Asia will need only 10 days. Such monumental developments will introduce new trade linkages between South Asia, West Asia, China, Central Asia and Africa. It will also restructure the prevailing trade routes boosting economic activity many folds and opening up new business opportunities.
  • China, the world’s second-biggest consumer of petroleum, will depend on Gwadar Port for over 50% of its oil imports.

Excellent transportation networks and high-tech communication systems are converting Gwadar into an ideal business location.

Apart from Pakistani investors and businessmen, Gwadar also attracts companies from UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, and Qatar. Commercial Real Estate in Gwadar offers multiple opportunities. It can be used for business operations in future, or it can be sold at a much higher value.

A growing influx of professionals, middle classes, and businesses raise investors’ expectations each year. Gwadar is staying true to expectations and ensuring huge returns to Real Estate investors.

Contact Gateway Investments for buying the following Commercial properties in Gwadar.

  • Commercial Plots
  • Land for Hotels and Restaurants
  • Shopping Centre Space
  • Office Space
  • Space for Warehouse
  • Multipurpose Commercial use land


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