Everyone wants to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t you???

In the serene and green Gulberg Residencia, is my beautiful home which means the world to me. And in that 7 marla home is my small lawn which is undoubtedly my favorite spot, my peace place. I can spend hours in my garden without getting bored since it makes me come alive from inside and I just love that feeling.


The First e-Balloting of Capital Smart City successfully conducted at site for Overseas-I & Executive-I Blocks on 21st December, 2019 at Overseas District-1 at project site.


Isn’t it hell of a confusion to decide which society is the best! These days too many new residence societies are emerging and everyone claims to be the best. Other than few famous names such as Bahria Town and GULBERG, we can’t really rely on anyone… can we? So many fraud examples are there to scare us from making an investment. Also when it comes to business, we are either putting all our money in the drain or luck has knocked our door.


Management of Capital Smart City from Islamabad visited Surbana Jurong Head Office in Singapore for improvement in Master Planning of the first ever smart city in Pakistan. Both organizations will work hand-in-hand to expand efforts on continuous enhancement in town planning and are excited to set new trends of smart living in Pakistan.

My Encounter with a Real Estate Agent

Today, thanks to the education and awareness, women believe there is nothing on earth they can’t do, well… try dealing with an ignorant person without him staring at you top to bottom, as if you are sitting naked just for his entertainment. Seems relatable doesn’t it? That’s not it, my encounter with the goof I’m referring to kept getting more and more interesting. He was none other but a real estate agent.

My First Real Estate Investment

When I was 25 years old, I made my first ever real estate investment at GULBERG ISLAMABAD. It was a 5 Marla plot in the fast developing RESIDENCIAL area in AA block.
Located in the heart of twin cities, Islamabad Express Highway in CDA zone 4 and CDA zone 5. Developed according to the modern design and offers a lavish lifestyle.
My 5 Marla plot was in a new rising housing society that was yet to be constructed.

Life in a Farmhouse – A Dream Come True

A life in a farmhouse where there is plenty of greenery. Where I can grow organic crops and where I have ample of space for pets and farm animals seemed impossible for a city girl like me. Again since I’m used to the city life I thought living in distant areas away from modern living, where farmhouses are affordable would not be possible for numerous reasons. The problem remains not just to me but also my three kids . As they are pretty much happy in their fancy lifestyle with best of education and all the entertainment they desire.

Don’t Be Late! With Wise Investment, Your Future is Great

Islamabad, the amazing city of Pakistan, is full of various opportunities to attract investors. The recent on-going projects have made Islamabad a productive and secure investment. Moreover, the New Islamabad International Airport project is appealing travelers and foreign investors attracted by the accessibility. The housing projects which are under major development are the best places for investment.

Investment in Pakistan’s Housing and Construction Sector

Though the process of investment in real estate of Pakistan lethargic and slow and takes months to be completed but foreigners are show interest in starting business here.


A spectacular show on Grand Launching Event of Capital Smart City held at Serena Hotel, Islamabad on Sunday, October 06, 2019.

Seller’s Market vs. Buyer’s Market

Real estate is property comprising of land, the structures on it, and any common assets inside the property limits i.e.; water and yields and so on. Gulberg Real Estate can be categorized into four types: residential, commercial, industrial, and land. The gulberg real estate market is all properties available for sale in a given area.

Live an Organic Lifestyle

When it comes to serving our family, the first thing that comes to mind is their health. Gulberg Green promotes the organic lifestyle and so should you. Grow your own vegetables in your lawns and eat healthy.

Here’s why you should be considering a farmhouse in your future

With the increasing buzz of people, it is good and completely justified to want a little peace and quiet. It is even better if you own this piece of heaven because then it is accessible to you at any time of the day, month, and year. However, most farmhouses in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are not up for sale. Rather they are only available on leases that last a good decade or so. The only real estate project that is allowing residents of the twin cities to purchase their own farmhouse is Gulberg Islamabad.


A “Good News” for our honorable International Members. In order to extend our global support, Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Limited has established a new office in the UK. The opening ceremony was held on 4th August, 2019 at Ilford, London. The office is now fully operational for customer support and fast proceeding of the property allotment, transfer & payments etc.

The Importance of Healthy Active Living

These days good health is the biggest concern for both adults and children. Healthy living is not only the most important issue but, also an alarming one. Children and adults are not getting as physical activity as they used to in the past which is leading to health conditions like heart problems, diabetes, obesity, and many more.

DHA plans 100-bed hospital, three BHUs

RAWALPINDI:The District Health Authority (DHA) Rawalpindi has planned four new projects in the new fiscal years.

Must Have Amenities at a Housing Society

Long ago, Aristotle expressed that ‘Man is essentially a social animal by nature’. He cannot live without society, if he does so; he is either beast or Angel. Man realizes his goals, his existence in the society:
he finds various ingredients in society through which he can attain the perfectness of life. The day, he is born to the day he leaves this planet he is in society.

The Secret to Finding Creative Inspiration

My mother taught me this trick, If you repeat something over and over again, it loses its meaning…Our existence, she said, is the same way. You watch the sunset too often, and it just becomes 6pm. You make the same mistake over and over; you’ll stop calling it a mistake. If you just wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up one day you’ll forget why.

Influence of millennials on office trends

No longer is the office a dwelling place for employees serving a 9-5 next to corded landlines, fax machines, and bulky desktop computers with dial-up internet connections. The office space has undergone drastic evolution with the emergence of newer technologies, materials and a shift of priorities for organizations and employees alike.

Narcissists Are Made, Not Born

Preparing to write this article, my intention had been to highlight how narcissistic personality remains largely misunderstood by the public. Specifically, I have found that most of the clients and everyday individuals I talk to about narcissism tend to associate it with a sense of superiority, meaning that they understand narcissists as having an inflated ego. While an outward show of superiority is a definite part of the narcissistic personality, a sense of superiority (or pursuit of it) is not the central factor of the disorder. The root of the disorder is actually a strict resistance to feeling vulnerable with anyone at any time.


Worldwide acclaimed Master Planners Surbana Jurong from Singapore master planners of CSC headed by Mr Philip YM TAN MD Global Lead, visited our head office and the project site this week and had detailed discussions with Mr Malik Aslam group COO and team.

Backpacking in Pakistan; a travel guide through the eyes of a foreigner

Backpacking is one of a kind of adventure, this is a country that will raise many an eyebrow and steal many a heart… the only danger of it is that you wouldn’t want to leave.

The Contemporary House Construction and Interior Designing Trends in Pakistan

When it comes to describe the latest construction and interior designing trends in Pakistan, you may not define them clearly because the homes constructed in posh areas of Pakistan are far more different than those constructed in less lavish areas.


Trivelles Group now launching Trivelles Smart Homes in Capital Smart City, Pakistan. Trivelles Lake Boulevard is a unique gated community providing built villas with luxury finishes and “A” grade smart technology. Booking Open Now – Limited Availability in Phase 1 Launch. Three Bedroom 5 Marla Villa from £49,900 only. Price in Pakistani Rupees also available.

Virtual Reality in real estate, How it is helping the segment grow?

The reputed builders have integrated it into their marketing mix, as 3D animations and models greatly enhance their marketing strategies. People looking for the best investment property locations in Pakistan should have a look at the property websites for the upcoming projects. In recent years, technology has played a great role in expanding the real estate industry.

Keep Your Cool This Summer

Extreme heat makes us irritable, grumpy and snappy and also depresses some people!

Benefits of keeping indoor plants

As summer has hit the twin cities, the heat is taking over the sanity of every person.
Gulberg Islamabad has already taken an initiative to build a much greener Pakistan, therefore Gulberg also prefers the use of plants not just outside in the landscape but a great emphasis has been put on to the indoor growing of plants for epic health benefits by Gulberg Islamabad.

Need of certain new developments in construction technology in Pakistan

In the real estate market of Gulberg Islamabad, technology has contributed to changing the purchase process quite significantly. In Gulberg Islamabad real estate, technology has contributed to changing the purchase process quite significantly. While other real estate companies have recently and easily adapted to the shift in consumer behavior to the digital spectrum, the adoption of construction technologies on-site is relatively lower.

Lessons learnt from Ramadan

Gratefulness for Food
Refraining from eating and drinking in the day during Ramadan is very quick to remind you how lucky we are to have the choice to eat and drink. During Eid, families will exchange food, go to big markets and give food to the less fortunate. Eid, which means “festival”, is a three-day celebration of joy and gratitude for the blessings of everyday life.

Eid-ul-Fitr | Celebration after a successful period of daily fasts

Gulberg Islamabad wishes all the Muslims around the world a very delightful Eid-ul-Fitr. As we all know it’s an event celebrated in different parts of the world. It is a celebration after a challenging period of fasting from dawn to dusk daily during this period, with the daily five times prayers said at home or strictly attended with others at mosques by all devout Muslims. Millions of Muslims around the world will be gathering with their family and friends, attending morning prayers, giving donations to charity and having feasts together.

How does living in an apartment help with a busy lifestyle

Wouldn’t you agree when someone says time is flying? Indeed it is. Our lives have become so busy that everything becomes a distortion of activities. Thanks to the routine today, we don’t have much time to spare to really pamper ourselves by relaxing in our minds or keeping our bodies fit. We do not have much time to make new friends. Some of us are so busy that we hardly get time to spend with our family.


Is your kitchen a little overpopulated with clustered utensils? Are you having trouble arranging it appropriately? 5 WAYS TO MAKE THE MOST OF A KITCHENETTE

DHA plans 100-bed hospital, three BHUs

RAWALPINDI:The District Health Authority (DHA) Rawalpindi has planned four new projects in the new fiscal years.

4 Services to Improve Well-being at your Property

Growth in population and infrastructure has confirmed that people from small towns and villages find a place in big cities. A good number of people from smaller towns are used to living in homes that have a lawn, a veranda, a compound filled with greenery, basically open spaces. They desire a similar touch to their homes when they migrate to cities in search of their careers.

Mind blowing Ideas to make any Event a Happening one

Gulberg Islamabad has become a happening place for events and several more events have lined up after the mega Coke fest 19, which took place in mid-January this year. Gulberg Islamabad has become a recent most sort after place for concerts, food festivals, launches, car shows, motor rallies and a lot more.

International and National Business Development in Gulberg Islamabad

Many societies appeared, but Gulberg Islamabad, a project of IBECHS gained attention, as it is one those very few societies, which have been approved by the CDA and also because of its ‘green philosophy’ which is described as a way of living that involves a complete approach to preservation and conservation of natural resources and environment. It aims to provide a better understanding of the balance between human activities and natural environmental resources.

Trendy exterior ideas to enhance the design of your home

Similar to home interiors, exterior too tend to take over the conversation when speaking about trends, but exteriors become more exciting and present plenty of opportunities to make your investment stand out. From materials to styles , architects and designers are constantly creating and reinventing exterior ideas to fit people’s personal flavors. When building a new home here in Gulberg Islamabad, Here are a few for 2019!

Bahria Town opens Glow Park in Rawalpindi

Attention citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, you’ve just got a new place in your cities to visit with your family and children. Gone are the days when people used to say Islamabad and Pindi have very few recreational places. In 2019, you have plenty of new options including Bahria Town’s newly inaugurated Glow Park.